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Providing personalized and collaborative care for the protected persons of Oregon
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Providing personalized and collaborative care for the protected persons of Oregon.

Caigne Fiduciary Services, LLC is a private fiduciary firm providing quality and personalized guardianship, conservatorship, and case management services for the protected persons of Oregon. At Caigne Fiduciary Services, we have a team of professionals with a significant background in financial and human services to ensure that our clients’ financial and personal needs are met within a least restrictive environment. We believe in a collaborative approach that allows us to develop a true understanding of the needs and desires of our clients, while building strong relationships with care providers and loved ones.



Caigne Fiduciary Services, LLC is a private fiduciary firm


We are certified and trained to act as court appointed guardians for Oregonians in need of protection due to medical or mental health issues. Our goal is to provide whatever assistance is necessary while maintaining the least restrictive and best quality lifestyle possible.


We are certified and trained to act as court appointed conservators to Oregonians in need of financial protection for any reason. We are uniquely qualified to assist with asset protection, asset discovery/recovery, and to resolve instances of financial abuse.

Personal Representative

As court appointed personal representative of a decedent’s estate, we will take immediate control of and safeguard the decedent's property until such time as all of the assets in the estate are legally and properly distributed. Let us help you take the stress and family strain out of your or a loved one’s estate plan.

Case Management

Let us help you manage healthcare, transportation, finances and service coordination for your loved one. Sometimes the face of change is easier to meet if it does not belong to a family member or loved one. Our case management services can allow you to maintain positive relationships by placing the blame for change on us. Having trouble finding appropriate services or service providers? We can help.

UTCR 9.160 Compliant Accountings

Let us assist you with setting up procedures and protections for those you protect from financial abuse or exploitation. We can help to create initial inventories, annual accountings and monthly reconciliation reports to help you comply with the Uniform Trial Court Rules regarding conservatorship accountings. Just in need of some basic training regarding book keeping procedures? We can do that too.

Functional Assessment

Let us assist you in assessing the functional needs of your loved one or client. With a licensed Occupational Therapist on staff, we are uniquely qualified to assess the functional abilities and needs of a person in managing their activities of daily living (ADLs) and instrumental activities of daily living (IADLs). With the use of a variety of assessment tools, we will complete a functional assessment in your loved one’s or client’s home and provide recommendations to facilitate safety and independence.

Our Team

Professional and experienced


Lucy Caigne

National Certified Guardian
Occupational Therapist

Lucy graduated from the University of Arizona in 2008 and went on to pursue her Master’s of Science in Occupational Therapy from A.T. Still University. Lucy has since enjoyed a career working with individuals across the lifespan with complex health, physical, developmental, and psychosocial needs.

Prior to working as a National Certified Guardian, Lucy worked as an Occupational Therapist. She began her career working in schools with children ranging from age 5 to 18 with physical and/or developmental disabilities to help them optimize their functional performance skills at school and in the community.

In her later career as an Occupational Therapist, Lucy focused on working with adult and aging populations within the hospital, rehabilitation, and home environments to evaluate functional performance and develop person-centered treatment plans to increase independence in activities of daily living. As a Certified National Guardian, Lucy remains focused on maximizing her clients’ function and independence. She serves as an advocate to ensure that each client’s individual and specific needs are met.

When not working, Lucy spends as much time as possible playing with her young children and loves to knit and craft.


Rylee Caigne

National Certified Guardian

Rylee Caigne Gilmore graduated from Arizona State University with a B.A. degree in integrative studies. She moved to Portland, OR in 2007 and has been a dedicated Oregonian ever since.

Prior to becoming a Certified National Guardian, Rylee enjoyed a career working in family law and probate court in the Oregon Judicial Department. After starting a family, Rylee transitioned her career to providing direct personal care, including opening and operating a care center, providing care and support to families of Oregon across the lifespan. She has substantial experience in business administration and accounting as a small business owner and has been able to marry her career passions of business administration, judicial services and caring for others in her community.

When not working, Rylee likes to spend her time outdoors with her three children and her doodle dog, preferably on the water.

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